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Supporting Research at 利记

The 研究办公室 is part of the Division of 研究和 创新. 我们的办公室 offers faculty and students a wide variety of services related to their research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA). The 研究办公室 staff assist with proposal development, proposal submission to external funding agencies, and guidance to assure that RSCA is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical and regulatory standards. Whatever your research area of need, the 研究办公室 can help.


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Ready to get your research off the ground? The 研究开发 team is here to support your RSCA efforts. We are available to help with internal and extramural funding 机会.

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The key responsibility of the 研究办公室 is to ensure that research, scholarship and creative activities at 利记 are conducted safely, ethically and legally. 

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利记 Research Strengths

San ​José State University faculty, staff, and students are making the world a better place through their Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA).